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Bioshock Infinite Gallery

Checkout my 5870×1080 “photography” from Bioshock Infinite with max settings on my AMD 6990.

This game was a spectacular visual treat that I feel kind of broke away from the typical color palettes and visual style we’re used to in games. Particularly the lighting and the skyboxes/clouds. Its really worth checking out.

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Infinite Combat & Moral Conflict

Recently I’ve noticed some people who have played Bioshock Infinite and have commented that they don’t enjoy the combat. Whether it be because vigors aren’t as deep or as varied as plasmids were or that there aren’t any epic Big Daddy fights, there is a lot of dismay about the combat between fans.

These are completely legitimate complaints in my opinion. However, there have been some responses to Infinite’s gameplay that there is an issue with the violence and the moral reasoning behind it (Or more precisely, the lack thereof). I want to address some of these concerns.

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