Games For A Change – Educational Gaming

Games For A Change uses games to highlight social issues and helps educate players on the issue.

I picked and played a game – Code Fred Survival Mode.


The Museum of Science & Industry Chicago has this brilliant game that teaches players about how the human body is a survival machine. When the body is in danger, a complex series of systems designed to keep you alive kicks in. Fred demonstrates this in his fight for survival through the night.


I found the game to be engaging and extremely interested. As a health conscience individual and one that is genuinely interested in these system functions, it really does a great job of getting the player to not only learn how the respiratory system works but also remember how it works for example. The art style is great too! It looks fantastic.

I feel we need more games like these in the mainstream. Most of the Games for a Change are admittedly niche but all the industry needs is one great developer to come along and really knock a home run out with something educational like this to make a difference. I myself am now highly interested in this subject matter.

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