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Analysis: League Of Legends Griefing

EDIT2: Believe it or not, this blog garnered a lot of attention. Its on the first page of Google results for League of Legends griefing. I’ve since stopped playing League when I had to finish college after my internship, and I don’t intend to return to the game anytime soon. But, looking back, this article is kind of poorly written. So take it with a grain of salt. I will forever have mixed feelings about League of Legends on a competitive scale but for normal play, it is a really fantastic game.

My…. relationship with League of Legends has been a very on and off one. Love, hate, love hate. It digs into me how much the game fluctuates to my favor. I wanted to delve into why so I thought what better than to revive my Analysis blogs. Which I think I did one or two of before, but just never got around to doing more.

League of Legends is a game with a huge following, but even its own following has massive gripes about it. Its a gripping game that is quite addicting by nature, and encourages more playing to get better. But, what happens when you constantly play with no change in your outcome or worse – you get the opposite results?

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