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EVGA NVIDIA GTX 1070 & 1080 Benchmarks

I’m back with another PC upgrade. It was the beginning of 2015 I upgraded to a 4790k Devil’s Canyon Intel chip and I haven’t had any issues since. Motherboard kicked the dust for a bit after I moved, but the chip has been great. Now it’s time for the bigger upgrade. The GPU. We’re going to look at some NVIDIA GTX 1070 & 1080 Benchmarks!

Pascal from Nvidia is finally here and it’s really awesome. I ended up getting the 1070 and then switching to the 1080 after some delayed shipments from Amazon. Needless to say, I benched both! Read past the break for the numbers.

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Devil’s Canyon 4790k Benchmark

Happy New Year!

I’ve had the same desktop hardware for over 5~ years. I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU, redid the whole build. Pictures will come soon once I tidy things up. But for now, lets see the 4790k benchmark and tests perform! Also, overclocking goodness.

Was it worth the $350?

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Ubisoft Internship Post Mortem

For years I’ve been adamant about getting a job in the gaming industry for many reasons that can take up a whole essay on it’s own about why I find it so fascinating and important in media today. As a student, I became very acquainted with the recruitment process of being met with blank stares and non-responses when applying for internships at gaming companies or inquiring about them. Many for some reason are totally opposed to the idea, but others have intern systems even if they say they don’t.

From my high school senior year onward, I was on the hunt for an internship in games. As I approached my senior year of college, I felt my rope was getting really short because an internship would have been incredibly vital to my career decision in games. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a designer, programmer, IT technician or something else entirely. I wanted to use the internship opportunity to experience it first hand and base my decision off that. When all my efforts failed, I decided to go all-in on programming. It was a risk, believe it or not, for a Computer Science major like me because I still wasn’t decidedly convinced I wanted to be in this field.

After Ubisoft reached out to me, I finally got to experience some professional hands on programming with languages I truly enjoy and learn about the industry first hand. I’m not only sold on programming now, but more than ever before, games as a career too.

Prepare for a long blog. There’s over 8 months of experiences summed up.

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After-Thoughts: Irrational Shuts Down

If you remember back when I first started the blog and have read since then, I did an analysis of Bioshock Infinite’s use of violence. I’m sure if you recognize Bioshock, then you already know that Irrational Games – the studio behind the games – has decided to essentially shut down.

Despite the critical acclaim of the Bioshock franchise, and the huge commercial success with it, the studio still had to go the way of studios that do not even come close to such success by comparison. Why? Well, presumably its simple. You mix together poor management, larger-than-life development funds, and even bigger ideas and you’ll end up having a not so great time. Even if your game sells over 4 million copies.

This comes as a shock for many and I can’t help but sit here and think…. not really. Read on for more.

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Analysis: What It Means To Be Next Gen – Outbreak Rant

So I’m floored by the next gen hardware. Things like live streaming, and fast responsiveness are really cool and dandy in my opinion. Super awesome gfx and cloud AI generation is cool and what not.

But what changes the game experience? What really introduces new mechanics that really push the envelope?

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The Bitcoin Wave

So whats the buzz about Bitcoin?

Well, what exactly is Bitcoin? It is an anonymous virtual currency ( read: money ) that is decentralized. There is no bank, no middle man. It is a system that is completely automated system that manages itself. There can only exist a finite number of coin, no one can ‘print’ more coin, and the system is entirely encrypted so you can’t trace it back to buyers or sellers.

Sounds weird right? Well its been insanely popular and successful as of late. Read on for my hands on experience with the coin.

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LudumDare Post Mortem

Looking back on the MiniLudumDare featuring sharks, I wanted to briefly recap what we made and offer criticism about it so that maybe in a future update or revision I can make the game better!

Read on for things I liked or didn’t like about my little 15 hour beat-em-up.

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Oculus Rift Dev Kit Impressions

Finally had some time with my Oculus Rift development kit over the last few weeks and I’ve been very impressed with the technology.

For those not in the know, the Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality headset that tracks the player’s head movement while displaying 3D video games, pictures, or movies. It is extremely wild and definitely will mark the beginning of a VR resurgence.

Read on for more…
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Infinite Combat & Moral Conflict

Recently I’ve noticed some people who have played Bioshock Infinite and have commented that they don’t enjoy the combat. Whether it be because vigors aren’t as deep or as varied as plasmids were or that there aren’t any epic Big Daddy fights, there is a lot of dismay about the combat between fans.

These are completely legitimate complaints in my opinion. However, there have been some responses to Infinite’s gameplay that there is an issue with theĀ violence and the moral reasoning behind it (Or more precisely, theĀ lack thereof). I want to address some of these concerns.

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