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MGS 2013

Finals Are A Mess – GameStar Mechanic Game

I made this short game in GameStar Mechanic which teaches basic game design techniques. It is a simple platformer in which the player is symbolically taking their final exams. As we know, finals can be a roller coaster of difficulty, emotions, and styles. Professors do their tests almost entirely different, there can be huge pitfalls in some, easy tests end up being really hard, time is always~ against you, and there is no particular order in difficulty!

Beat the clock, get a passing “score”, and get through finals.

Game Society Brochure



Brochure Critique


I enjoy this brochure because it keeps a simple and clean look to it. It doesn’t distract and it gets the information it needs to across such as the brand. The color scheme is clean and friendly to the eyes and it is not too cluttered. The swooping bands of color give it a professional tone to the brochure too. The only part I dislike about the brochure is the middle panel (the front) is lacking information at the top, leaving it too open and sparse.


For Digital Toolbox we had to find a creative commons compliant image and give a short critique about the photo. I found this image and found it to inspire a bit of productivity

I was originally looking for swimming related photos, because not only do I love swimming and it used to be my favorite sport and past time but also because I love the way water comes out in photography.

Instead I found this interesting photo and chose it because it feels productive. It may just be coffee with an interesting mug topper, but it has a great image. I feel like it is saying “dive into” your day because the bread buns in the back look like something for breakfast. It makes me want to start working on something.


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