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For Honor – New Job @ Ubisoft Montreal

As of November 2017, I’ve left Rockstar San Diego and I now work at Ubisoft Montreal again. I’m currently a Network Programmer on For Honor!

It’s been a long couple of years and I haven’t been as active on the blog or website as I would like to be. Perhaps that will change soon. I would like to return to reviewing recently played games, including board games, and doing some programming on the side.

We will see.

WIP & Board Games

Hello everyone!

Sorry its been so long since my last blog. Ive been particularly busy lately with work and…. League of Legends. Ugh. Too much League for my own good.

I’ve got another iOS book review in the works and I’ve been getting more and more into board games recently thanks to a buddy at Ubisoft (designer on Assassins Creed) who you can checkout here at StrawPixel, his blog. Here is my BoardGameGeek profile. I’ll be trying to add a sidebar on the blog for it.

Book review should be up maybe this weekend!