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Adirondack Extreme

Its been awhile, besides my last book review. I haven’t had much time since returning to college to write up new blogs. I’m pushing to graduate in December so I’m loaded with 20+ credit hours. Its manageable, and I have a ton of new content I want to post such as TILs and more Analysis posts, but Im bogged down with lots of unreasonable projects.

I did have some free time over the last weekend to go to the Adirondack Extreme course in Bolton Landing, NY though! Think of it like Wipeout but 30+ feet in the air among trees in the woods. Lots of fun. I felt like sharing the zipline video me and my fiance did past the break

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Bioshock Infinite Gallery

Checkout my 5870×1080 “photography” from Bioshock Infinite with max settings on my AMD 6990.

This game was a spectacular visual treat that I feel kind of broke away from the typical color palettes and visual style we’re used to in games. Particularly the lighting and the skyboxes/clouds. Its really worth checking out.

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