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Unity Web Player | TankRun 0.7

Tank Run is a very simplistic 'endless runner' game I made in just 24 hours.
It was my first real shot at a somewhat completed, but entirely functional, game in Unity3D.
The design was originally aimed at a sidescrolling bullet-hell game in the likeliness of games like Metal Slug.
Hence the tank. But I quickly learned that during my exploration of Unity's interface and deeper functionality, I lost a lot of time. I had to finish the GameJam event.

I ultimately decided, after finally getting random generating platforms working, that I should go for a simpler game that I could even export to the iOS and Android platform easily as well.
I tossed in color coded platforms that slow down and speed up the player, as well as multiple levels of difficulty which begins to pick up the further the player travels
By the end of the 24 hours, I was quite pleased with what I had accomplished. There were a few things that I wish I could've tuned up more, such as platform generation balancing and some of the floatiness the controls have.